About Us:

Who Are We?
A group of experienced Role-Play fanatics based in England who thought it would be cool to earn a living through the hobby we love.

What Are We Doing?
Our aim was to produce Role-play material that we want to use. We aimed to produce modules and games that are of the highest quality, at the most reasonable prices, with as many useful extras as possible, to make the DM and players' experience as fun and hassle free as possible.

How do you get in contact with us?
We would love to talk to all of you out there about how we can make our products better, what sort of things you would like to see in the future. Below are a the ways you can get in contact with us:

  • E-mail Form:
    Send us an email though our feedback form if you want a direct reply.
  • Direct E-mail:
    Here are the the email addresses of some of the key members of Myriador. Please only use these email addresses as a last resort, we would prefer you to use the E-mail form as your first choice.

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